The New Idiom serves as a voice for the student body of the Institute of Design, covering human centered design, select student work, and the design process. It functions as a platform to exchange ideas and foster dialogue within the Institute, and also as a tool to converse with the greater design community.


 Irene Loomis Co-editor

Irene Loomis

Irene Loomis is a Master of Design/MBA student at the Institute of Design. Before coming to graduate school, Irene worked in jobs as varied as photographer, illustrator, retail manager, and web designer. She came to ID with a passion to understand innovation: what makes people think differently, and how do they successfully manifest the new. When she's not engrossed in studies, Irene rides her bike along Lake Michigan or works as a freelance illustrator.

 Jeff Turkelson Co-editor

Jeff Turkelson

Jeff Turkelson is a Master of Design student at the Institute of Design. Having previously studied Industrial Design at Ohio State, Jeff established a freelance career in design research prior to attending IIT. His professional work spans across many industries, including consumer technology, healthcare, and automotive. Academically, Jeff is especially interested in developing powerful new ways of translating insights into design outcomes. In his "free" time, Jeff enjoys adjective-ridden craft beers and will talk your ear off about tabletop gaming.

 Wojtek Tusz  Co-editor

Wojtek Tusz

With a passion for navigating complex problems and a desire for creative expression, Wojtek turned to the Institute of Design for a Masters in Design. He has an undergraduate degree in economics with particular research interest in behavioral economics. Wojtek believes that viability is an integral element of any successful design solution and in addition to design he brings a wealth of experience in international business, negotiations, economic analysis and leadership development. In his spare time Wojtek volunteers as a coach and player development consultant for local youth hockey organizations.

 Adam Panza  Co-editor

Adam Panza

Adam came to the Institute of Design in 2012 with a background in sustainability and economic development. In addition to his professional experiences, he has been highly active in a variety of leadership and volunteer roles. Though the non-profit Archeworks, he spent two years on the design team of a project that aimed to inspire public engagement in the local food system which was showcased at the 2010 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Adam is an aspiring strategist who is passionate about the crossroads of business, design and social impact.


 Aashika Jain   Contributing Writer

Aashika Jain

Contributing Writer

Aashika is a Master of Design/MBA student at the Institute of Design. She is a product designer by training and graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, in New Delhi, India. As a Product Designer she worked with East West Design Solutions, a cosmeceutical design solutions firm in India. There she developed intuitive product interfaces inspired by human behavior and Biomimicry. During her time with East West, she also worked with The Center for Internet and Society to design a game platform that used participatory mapping to highlight issues of urban anxiety.


Laura Mattis came to the Institute of Design Master of Design program with a lot of questions. After working as a graphic designer for several years, it was increasingly clear there was more to design than the collateral she created and more to understand about people. Laura believes there are stories to tell and mind-expanding conversations to partake in. But, when she's not trying to improve the world, she picks up her knitting needles and queues up an audiobook.

 Laura Mattis Contributing writer

Laura Mattis
Contributing writer


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