The New Idiom serves as a voice of the students at the Institute of Design to share what we do, both in class and out, with each other and with the greater design community. It's a place to capture the happenings at ID, from reflections on coursework to those thought-provoking, caffeine-fueled conversations.

 Ian Morow  Co-editor

Ian Morow

Ian Morrow is a Master of Design student at the Institute of Design. Before coming to graduate school, Ian worked as an electrical engineer designing hardware as a government contractor. As he became more interested in user centered design and how it could bolster products and services, he chose to start his education at ID. His passion for creative problem solving extends into his hobbies as he can be found rock climbing and teaching himself how to code.


 Sipra Bihani  Co-editor

Sipra Bihani

Sipra Bihani is a dual degree student at the Institute of Design and Stuart School of Business. She came to ID to use her creative side while tackling problems. Before ID, Sipra worked as a business analyst at a startup in India and served as a youth & community development Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan. When she's caught up on sleep, she enjoys stopping by her local farmer's market, visiting the Art Institute, and cooking new vegetarian dishes.



IIT Institute of Design is a graduate school of the Illinois Institute of Technology located in Chicago. Since its founding as the New Bauhaus in 1937, the Institute of Design has grown into the largest full-time graduate-only design program in the U.S., with students from around the world.