2008 End of Year Show

by New Idiom


Students, faculty, and staff filled the entire sixth floor with friends and family to celebrate the 2008 End of Year Show on Friday. In keeping with tradition, a new batch of imagery from the Introduction to Photography lined the sixth floor halls. Foundation students also had work displayed from their communication, product, and digital media classes, and all their work looked outstanding. In the Steelcase room, the main gathering place for the show, people chatted and sipped wine among project posters from students in the main program, as well as a few prototypes from the Bathrooms Workshop.

The poster is the most common format for project shows at ID, but unfortunately, not all the work that we do for classes work best in poster form. Further, students have mentioned that class deadlines at the end of the school year make it a difficult time to design posters. During my time at ID, I realize that the true magic I have witnessed in the main program comes in the form of amazing stories that students tell under a backdrop of compelling imagery. Last year, for instance, I considered the possibility of investing in life insurance after seeing a heartfelt presentation in the Planning Workshop. This year a group of my peers in Synthesis stunned the class with a remarkable presentation about the National Hockey League.

How can we convey talent like storytelling at a venue like the end of year show? Some students suggested that they should be given more creative control about how they choose to highlight their work. One group did present their work in a different way at the show: Students from the demo project for The Mayo Clinic (Andrew Buhayar, Chris Finlay, and Peter Rivera-Pierola) set up an area with computers to demonstrate a website they had created. They also had their presentation on hand to discuss with visitors. Perhaps next year, student participation will increase if students are encouraged to submit work in various formats.