2008 IDSAB: What to expect

by New Idiom

A new year at the Institute of Design doesn’t just mean new classes and professors. It also brings a new batch of students taking the helm of the Institute of Design Student Activities Board (IDSAB). The 2008 IDSAB organizations have begun setting their goals for the new year, . Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

IDSAB chairs: Lise Lynam and Judd Morgenstern

Lise and Judd have four goals for the new year:
1. Structure the budget so that each group has the financial resources to implement their goals and effectively give this money back to the students
2. Help the IDSAB groups identify and pursue their goals
3. Promote group collaborations that result in meaningful initiatives with real impact on student life
4. Support and represent a dialogue between the student body and the school administration.

RecruitID: Amy Batchu, David Ofori- Amoah, Amy Seng

This year’s spring’s recruitID will take place on February 27th-29th. The goal for the student-run event is to align the goals of ID students with those of the companies that visit us. Keeping this in mind, the spring recruitID is undergoing several updates. The format of company and student showcases is being revised in order to foster more causal interaction between companies and students. Also, several parts of the preparation process are being automated, such as company registration and student resume submittal, and job postings (on the recruitID section of the id wiki). As always, the enthuasim and hard work of our fellow student volunteers, faculty, and staff is appreciated. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact any of the recruitID co-chairs in person or at interview [at] id.iit.edu. We look forward to a great turnout and a successful event.

InsideID: Daniel Erwin, Amanda Wirth

Inside ID has three big goals this semester: Get the recycling program running (anyone with a car who can help please email derwin[at]id.iit.edu), set up a more relaxed student lounge area, and provide interesting and helpful lecturettes throughout the semester.

SocialID: Hanna Korel, Lin Lin, Andy Conrad, Angela Robertson, Yu-hsin Chiu

Last semester SocialID worked hard to increase student turnout and create more social events. The group hopes to continue to increase student involvement and provide more varied social outlets for students. This year SocialID also wants to focus on cultural events in order to celebrate the school’s diverse student body and hands-on events that encourage students to use their design skills to create while having fun. Some upcoming events include International movie nights, Chinese New Year celebration, T-shirt making contest, roller skating party, and Jazz night, as well as the traditional End of Year Show and Party. If you have any other ideas for events, please talk to or email any of the socialID chairs.

CharetteID: Yu-hsin Chiu, Bhumi Gajjar, Ruth Nechas

CharetteID is a new group that was formed this year in response to a series of successful charettes put on by students over the past few semesters. CharetteID is a chance for students to come together and effect changes in the environment or policy of the Institute of Design. Working in concert with InsideID, we try to designate problem areas around the school and then generate workable solutions. This semester, our first charette will be about collaborative spaces for students at ID. We will be examining the lack-luster student lounge and generally looking for opportunities throughout the school. Our first charette will be on Saturday, March 8, which is the Saturday after the end of A session, and we hope everyone will show up and share their ideas.