Creative participation

by Wojtek Tusz in

I recently participated in an interesting experiment during one of our class sessions in Managing Interdisciplinary Teams taught by Jeremy Alexis at the Institute of Design. The course puts graduate students from ID as Team Leaders in the IIT Interprofessional Projects Program otherwise known as iPRO. Week by week we are introduced to various leadership techniques as well as exposed to actual team dynamics through interactions with undergraduate iPRO teams in the program.

The experiment was a prototype of an exercise meant to reduce boundaries of participation for interdisciplinary professionals from fields not typically associated with creativity or creative "doing". It was designed by Shiyi-Li who facilitated as well. Short (~3min) clips of music were played and participants were encouraged to explore the different tools available to express what they were hearing. After completing 4 sets (songs) of drawings we shared our creations and discussed the way the experiment unfolded. 

Here are some images of the exercise with captions of some of the things that we learned from our experience. 

Images by Wojtek Tusz