Hug a Rotman ID'er if you see one...they need it!

by Wojtek Tusz

The annual Rotman Design Challenge is taking place this weekend in Toronto, CA and two ID teams are making a run for it this year. The annual competition is a design business challenge attracting ambitious young minds from some of the world's top business and design schools such as MIT Sloan, Darden, NYU Stern, Stockholm School of Economics, Aalto University in Helsinki and others.

ID's Team Beta (Lauren Braun, Helen Wills, Janice Wong, Jorge Angarita, and John Shin) took top honors last year with their TD Stacks solution so the pressure is on this year's participants to defend the title.

This year's team's have been working hard for the last few weeks on a challenge brought forth by Target so if you see a lifeless Rotman ID'er in the hall somewhere, either a hug or a high-five will go a long way.

Good luck to both the ID teams!

Click here to learn more about the RDC and check out the video from last year's competition.