Welcome new and returning ID'ers

by Wojtek Tusz

Another exciting year at the Institute of Design has kicked off with weeks of orientation and the ritual "class shopping". On behalf of The New Idiom I would like to welcome all new and returning students. There are many exciting changes going on in the school as well as very exciting research and projects going throughout the semester. We will do our best to bring some of our thinking to the virtual space and hopefully inspire some new level of thinking in your everyday.  

As a little taster check out some of the work that our colleagues Knowl Baek and Keta Patel did over the summer with fellow designers at Moment NYC

"We are exploring emerging technologies, and environmental interactions leveraging heads up displays, specifically Google Glass, and design a new visitor experience at the Bronx Zoo. The new service will enable park visitors to access headsets, navigate the zoo, explore animal habitats, and stay connected with their party" -says Knowl a second year student @ID

Enjoy and for all new students make sure to follow the blog via your favorite RSS reader or on twitter @thenewidiom

-Wojtek & Adam

New Idiom Co-editors