Describing What We Learn at ID: Marty Thaler

by Irene Loomis

This is the third installment in a series of responses from many ID professors.

As a student at ID, I am always meeting new people who are curious about what I am studying. The answer is very different if I am talking to my Grandma, a new acquaintance, or a designer.

To find out how ID Professors describe what they teach to non-designers, I have started asking for responses to a sitation that we all find ourselves in.

Here's the scenario:

You are at a party at your neighbor's house. You start talking to a stranger who asks "what do you do?" You say that you are a Professor at the Institute of Design. The stranger asks "what is taught at the Institute of Design?"

Professor Marty Thaler wrote:

"I would say something like I teach at the Institute of Design, its a graduate school of design, I teach classes in product design. I like teaching the fundamentals of product design with an emphasis on prototyping. I also teach product workshops to develop new products and sometimes small scale environments. The students are great and they come from all over the world. I think I need another blue moon :)

"What is taught here? Hmmm .... how to design .... we design everything from strategies to communications, to interactions to products. We base our designs on research and prototyping what might work and then see what people say about it. Then we make it better." 


Next week's installment: Anijo Mathew!