Describing What We Learn at ID: Anijo Mathew

by Irene Loomis

This is the fourth installment in a series of responses from many ID professors.

As a student at ID, I am always meeting new people who are curious about what I am studying. The answer is very different if I am talking to my Grandma, a new acquaintance, or a designer.

To find out how ID Professors describe what they teach to non-designers, I have started asking for responses to a sitation that we all find ourselves in.

Here's the scenario:

You are at a party at your neighbor's house. You start talking to a stranger who asks "what do you do?" You say that you are a Professor at the Institute of Design. The stranger asks "what is taught at the Institute of Design?"

Professor Anijo Mathew wrote:

“We are a strategy and planning school. We are unlike most other Design schools, and tend to work more like a Business school. We help large companies like Target, Steelcase, Boeing, McDonald's, Motorola etc. to think about the fuzzy front end of business decision making - how to learn from their users, and use these lessons to build a strategy of what to build for these users in terms of products, services, and experiences.”


Next week's installment: Laura Forlano!