A few links for RecruitID prep

by New Idiom

With the imminent advent of RecruitID, students on all floors of the Institute of Design begin to go a little haywire. While exploring options myself, I came across a few links that might be helpful (though I’m not promising anything).

The Brand Called You is an article about… well, branding yourself, which seems to be an ever salient piece of advice.

Creating a Graphic Portfolio discusses different methods or strategies for creating work, e.g. entering design competitions. Even if you don’t win, you’ve prepared something to a degree of quality that you hopefully feel comfortable showing.

6 Things Not to Do is an oldie from last year by Coroflot but provides some wise adages about playing to your strengths, not overdoing it, being patient, and not pretending to be things you aren’t.

6 Tips for Building a Portfolio Website, also from Coroflot, gives some tips about your website, emphasizing that you should ensure your personality is present.

And then there’s Core77’s Preparation Tips and Suggestions, which probably overlaps with most, if not all, of what was said in the above.