Another Dramatic Situation

by New Idiom

According to the mid-19th century poet Georges Polti, there are exactly 36 Dramatic Situations. Browse the 100+ year old list and you will see favorites such as “Daring Enterprise”, “Obstacles to Love”, and “Self-sacrifice for an ideal”. (For reference, films such as Spaceballs, Harold & Maude, & Batman adhere to these plot bases.)

Some design scenarios take the “Deliverance” approach, in which the product or service rescues users from the horrors of doing things the way they always have.

Others use the “Enigma” situation, interrogating the seeker (or user) to ultimately uncover the answer to their problem.

It’s unlikely that many more of Polti’s 36 Dramatic Situations could reasonably be used to describe better designed futures.

That said, if you listen to writer James Kunstler (who asserts that life in the mid 21st century is going to be about living locally), you might want to go ahead and add “Self-Sacrifice for an Ideal” to your toolkit.

Happy end of A session,