Anyone for Waiting Tables?

by New Idiom


This week, we’re sitting in Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park. They have good coffee and beautifully decorated cupcakes and cakes. Its an interesting space as well. If you plan to stay at the bakery to enjoy your coffee and baked goods, you purchase your goods and then go outside and walk to the next door to sit down at eclectic tables and couches. The two spaces are not connected on the interior. Sitting at one of the tables reading the articles written this week, I realized a common theme. There is potential to do so many great things with the degrees we receive from ID.

The past few weeks have been hectic, between preparing and attending RecruitID and the end of A session, we have all been stressed and edgy. Well, now all of that is over, we can once again focus on our studies. Still… finding what it is we are going to do in the immediate future continues to be in the forefront of most of our thoughts!

We place so much emphasis on having the perfect portfolio, saying the right things in interviews and what looks good on resumes that we forget there are other possibly more important aspects of life we are neglecting.

Enjoying a good meal, drinking a delicious glass of wine or beer, hanging out with friends and family and exploring new places and having new experiences. Not that we have much time to do any of this, for school and jobs are always on our mind. Yet, it is nice when you take time and realize that there is so much more to life than school.

Yes, everyone wants the get the ideal job, but the not so ideal experiences and jobs can be more meaningful than the ideal ones. Say you were a waiter or waitress for the summer. You can make good money from tips and interact with a variety of individuals who you work with or serve. You could definitely spin that experience into a unique story to tell at an interview about how you used your user observation skills and frameworks to map out possible opportunity areas for new restaurant ventures.

What about working for a non-profit during the summer, helping people and organizations create a better world. For all the idealists at ID this could give you great experiences and future contacts.

Or maybe you do get that coveted internship at IDEO in the Palo Alto office and in your spare time try your hand at surfing and work on a fabulous tan.

Whatever it is you do this summer or for a full-time job, it does not predict your entire career or life. Its one experience that helps shape your future endeavors. Or at least helps to realize what you do not want to do for the rest of your life!

I realize that coming from one of the younger students in the school, this may seem sort of ironic, but these are things I often have to remind myself of, so I thought I would remind you too.

photo: Amy Palit