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Design skills for a good cause

EPIC (Engaging Philanthropy Inspiring Creatives) helps creative professionals and nonprofits join forces, making a bigger impact on the world than either could alone. In regular intervals, they  pair select teams of “creatives” from the ad/design industries with select nonprofit clients dedicated to education, children and families. During an “8-week creative rally,” each team creates plans, programs, and materials—on a pro-bono basis—that their nonprofit client needs to positively affect the lives of those they serve.

Are you EPIC?

Whether you are a creative or a nonprofit, we can make a big difference by working together. EPIC is pairing select teams of creative professionals with select nonprofit clients whose missions focus on education, children and families. Deadline is March 1st.

Past/Present ID/EPIC contributors:

Rober Zolna

Tim Miller

Amanda Stewart


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