Biomimicry Workshop

by New Idiom


In lieu of lunchtime table top discussions, three hands-on lunchtime workshops were offered. Capacity was limited to 15 people (5 students) per session. Those lucky enough to sign up for one had a chance to participate and rub elbows with Frog Design, the Biomimicry Guild, and Mayo Clinic. Eric Niu talks about the Biomimicry workshop that he attended.

Tim McGee of the Biomimicry Guild suggests that you “quiet your cleverness.” While I would have preferred a deeper discussion about fewer case studies, he presented excellent examples of the “conscious emulation of life’s genius” taking place in the world today. We then broke into groups to imagine how we could emulate biology to meet today’s challenges using life’s principles: optimize rather than maximize, leverage interdependence, create benignly, attune locally, integrate cycles, and above all be resilient. You can (and should) look for more information at