Blogging Lecturette

by New Idiom

Ash Bhoopathy and Vince LaConte presented a lecturette last week about “Blogging, Wikis, and you”. Here are a few takeaways:

  • If you want to blog, it’s relatively easy and safe to get started immediately using ID’s multi user wordpress server.

  • Get used to using RSS to read news/commentary and to find and classify information for yourself, because you never know what it might be interesting to draw a connection from later on.

  • Blogiquette: If you use someone else’s material, make sure you link to them to acknowledge work.

  • Use the ID Wiki. It’s good stuff, and I forget it’s there sometimes but I’m really glad when I remember.

Notes from lecturette:

RSS Feeds

Feeds will allow you to keep up with all the latest news and gossip. Use a feed reader such as to compile a list of “Really Simple Syndication” by copying and pasting the address into the ?add subscription? bar. This could save you time by automatically notifying you when sites you select have new content, or it could flood your inbox by notifying you every time anybody puts content onto the web.
Host your bookmarks online so you can access them from anywhere. Share these with others so they can see the cool stuff you?ve seen. Best of all, you can augment a google search by sifting through what other people thought was worth bookmarking.


Write about whatever interests you and share it with the world. While many websites offer free blogs, ID staff support a WordPress account which you can keep after you graduate. To get started, go to and sign in with your SeeID login.

Some basic guidelines to consider when blogging:
use lots of photos
customize the ?theme? (visual layout) - to create a new one, email Kevin Harriss
use plugins for expanded features, like Google Analytics to see who?s reading

ID Wiki

The wiki is a repository for everything that current and future students might need to know. Sign in through SeeID (it?s a little button on top of the very first page) and if something important is missing, you can add it by clicking the ?edit? tab.

ID Web Hosting

If you want more control over the look and functionality of your web content than a blog can provide, make some Flash or HTML and post it to your own ID site:
This requires a few simple steps:
1. Download an FTP client (i.e. a program) from SeeID > General Information > FAQs
2. Set it to SFTP (for secure)
3. Connect to (yes, that?s the name of a dinosaur) using your ID email name and password
4. It should open up your personal web folder called [your login name] (e.g. “vince”) - create a subfolder called “public_html” (no quotes)
5. Anything you put in that folder will show up when you type in the address listed above with your SeeID login name

If you have any issues with or questions about any of these tools, ask me, Ash, Vince, or our support staff on the 5th floor.