Chicago ID Alumni Network

by New Idiom

If the vast majority of ID graduates continue to live and work in and around the Chicago area, wouldn’t it make sense to have a vibrant alumni social community?

There could be…

To this end, a sociable group of alums and the school have teamed up to connect alums across Chicagoland. Our first event was an intimate gathering in the north side neighborhood of Andersonville. ID alums from the 90’s and 00’s met up at Great Lake, took over the restaurant and chatted, broke bread (yummy flatbread “pizzas”) and enjoyed company and libations.


A proof of concept, the “ID Alum alpha mixer” project was a great success and we plan to start an informal e-mail / contact list foralums and have events monthly at different venues and neighborhoods around the area.

Keep an eye on your in-box and we’ll see you at the next event.

- Guy Suesuntisook, MDes class of 1998

I think it was a great event to get alum talking in Chicago. While talk is good, getting things to happen is better. The group that
gathered is committed to getting the network going, while keeping things casual and open.


As a current student it was a chance to learn about some of the past alumni network activities and meet some of the people behind projects on SeeID.

At the same time, there is also a push to get alumni networks going in other cities as well, San Francisco and New York more specifically. We hope to have collaborations across cities.


The admin is certainly in support of this initiative and would like to help make the network as formal or informal as it needs to be successful.

- Andrew Buhayar, MDes class of 2008