Chinese New Year

by New Idiom

By Yu-hsin Chiu

Last week I hosted an event with a group of Taiwanese and Chinese student volunteers. We wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We got the idea to have the event from a charette last semester that focused on diversity at ID. At the charette, we talked about using celebrations to share our cultures with others.

At the celebration, we started with a slide show to introduce people to the history of Chinese New Year.


Every year, on the eve of the Chinese New Year, a hungry monster comes looking for people to eat. The monster is said to be afraid of the color red and noise, so people wear red clothing, hang red signs, and shoot off fireworks to scare the monster away . For the celebration at ID, we had a buffet lunch, which featured traditional Chinese New Year dishes. We also had booths for people to learn Chinese calligraphy and play a dice game.

I was surprised when a few people asked me why I did such a nice thing by putting together this event for ID. Sharing with friends and family is very common during the Chinese New Year. Therefore, I wanted to share the celebration of the Chinese New Year with students at ID.


I was glad that everyone enjoyed something new. As a co -chair of SocialID, I took away a few insights from this event. SocialID is really about creating an opportunity for people to bond. I learned that the Chinese New Year event was not only about writing calligraphy and eating food; it was about sharing my culture with friends who are open to new experiences.

The Chinese New Year celebration is just a baby step for SocialID. We’re looking for more people to introduce their cultures. Please let me know if you would like to participate. Join us on Valentine’s day for the card making workshop!