Culture of Giving

by New Idiom

Only 2 weeks of classes remain at ID, and with the end of the year approaching, projects are finally coming to fruition. Our team was able to talk to Gabe Biller, Kristy Scovel, Alex Cheek and Jordan Fischer, who comprise two school projects that are aiming to improve and add to some of the research techniques that the school prides itself on. These projects allow us to focus this issue on the student culture here at ID of constantly giving to the school, whether it’s in the form of enhancing ID methodology, trying to improve student facilities, or improving the student-employers network. (kudos to Daniel Erwin and Amanda Wirth for helping to bring in Don Norman for an excellent lecture.)

This issue’s banner was submitted by Matt Gardner, who thought “it might be appropriate for this time of year”. The banner speaks to the levels of exhaustion that students feel right now, which at times can be further strained by the choices for R&R at ID. And again we come back to that “giving” culture, this time with Ruth Nechas spearheading the efforts through CharetteID towards creating better spaces at ID.

Kate and I applaud your efforts, and are here to help you voice your concerns through The New Idiom. On another note, this past week, during a handful of good weather days, at least three students were victims of bike theft (two bicycles, 1 bike tire). While the city can only do so much, it would be nice if the students could work with the school to find a solution to this problem- perhaps an indoor storage facility, if not in the floors of the school, maybe in the parking garage, out of sight from passing bike thieves.

This issue took Kate and I to My House, a coffee shop in Logan Square with a very home-like atmosphere. We were joined by Alex Cheek, who took the bus.