Design Lingo

by New Idiom

compiled by Kate Pemberton

During the Design Research Conference we all heard words being thrown around describing the creative processes of design and research. Some of those words were popular among many of the speakers and now may have snuck their way into your vocabulary. If not, give it time, I’m sure you’ll be throwing around the lingo and buzz words soon enough!

Here’s a list of the most commonly used words  at the DRC. Memorize for future use.

  • co-creation
  • empathy
  • ambiguity
  • story
  • creativity
  • planning
  • user
  • method
  • framework
  • multi-disciplinary
  • collective
  • experience
  • problem-solving
  • design thinking
  • human-centered
  • user-centered
  • discovery
  • platform
  • approach
  • collaboration
  • re-… re-frame, re-design

There will be a test next week, if you don’t pass you will not graduate from the Institute of Design.