Design Research Conference 2008: a must attend event

by New Idiom


Although we are only a week into the new school year, activities and meetings are already filling up the days. In the midst of the excitement don’t forget to register and mark your calendar for September 19-20 for our annual Design Research Conference (DRC) being held at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Student-initiated and student-run, DRC brings together leaders in the field and rising stars to share and discuss the latest in design research topics, methods and issues.

We are really excited for this year’s line-up of speakers and workshop leaders who include luminaries Liz Sanders of MakeTools, who has contributed enormously to applied design research through her work and writing, and Larry Leifer, Director of the Stanford Center for Design Research, whose research continues to contribute to our understanding of the design thinking process in a team environment. Check out the full schedule at our website:

We are also delighted about a couple of exclusive items of interest that our speakers are planning to share at DRC. For one, Mark Greiner of Steelcase will use DRC as the first public unveiling of a new venture that his organization is undertaking. And Don Norman, the champion of human-centered design, has suggested that he might use DRC as the first public presence of his new book, which he hopes to finish in time for the conference.

There is a lot to look forward to from the conference program and though we will be posting video of the conference, you won’t want to miss the networking aspect that attendance affords. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with researchers, design practitioners, professors, and other students.

To enhance networking opportunities for attendees, we have added a couple of features to the conference. First, we have added a Saturday lunch for all with roundtable discussions. If you are interested in particular topics or would like to be a topic facilitator at one of the roundtables, email us. We are still looking for a wide variety of topics, and this is a great opportunity to help contribute to the conference.

A second networking opportunity we have built into the conference is a social networking site on CrowdVine where you can add a profile and talk with other conference attendees. This is something new we have added this year, so help give it a good start by joining and contributing to the discussion.

See you in a few weeks at this year’s Design Research Conference. It promises to be a fabulous event!

Matthew Gardner and Amber Lindholm
DRC 2008 Co-chairs

Design Research Conference
September 19-20, 2008
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago