Designer Personality Traits

by New Idiom

A brief article in Fast Company discusses the results of 65 designers taking the Meyers Briggs personality test. When it came to the source of energy (Extroversion-Introversion) and decision-making traits (Feeling-Thinking), designers were pretty evenly split. Interestingly enough, designers tended more toward Intuiting (instead of Sensing) and Judging (instead of Perceiving).

The author of the article purports that this data more closely associates designers to engineers than to artists, further claiming that the combination of Intuiting and Judging provides insight into what “design thinking” is.

He writes, “According to the test, those that ‘intuit’ rather than ‘sense’ tend to focus on context and future developments, rather than simply the data at hand. Meanwhile, those that ‘judge’ rather than ‘perceive’ tend to see the world in terms of discrete problems that can be structured and cracked, rather than as a series of casual, open-ended possibilities.”

Even more interesting is the fact that in the general population INFJs comprise only 1% of people but this study, though not statistically rigorous, indicates that a significant percentage of designers are INFJs. (Maybe it’s only interesting to me because I’m an INFJ.)

I wonder what type of results we would see at ID.

What’s YOUR personality profile?