Down Time

by New Idiom

The break’s over and we’re back to long hours and inhaling foamcore shavings and spray fixative. And although it was short (5 weeks? That’s it? Come on now…), I did get a chance to catch up on all the shows I didn’t have time to watch during the semester. Now I know what you’re expecting, you think I’m gonna catch you up on Heroes or talk about how I’m a “Lostie,” but everybody knows about those shows. I’m gonna fill you in on television’s little secrets and gems, all the shows the kids are into these days, and some of the better YouTube clips out there (because nothing beats videos of cats falling off things). OK, maybe these aren’t the best or coolest shows, but they’re definitely shows that I would recommend for anyone bored during class.

1. “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

OK, so I thought I’d start off fairly conservative (show selection, not show content—trust me). I mean, it airs in prime time on F/X, a Fox cable affiliate. But any show that will make jokes about getting addicted to crack on purpose in a failed attempt to receive welfare, randomly singing Rick Astley and Biz Markie, sending babies to tanning beds, and joining Pro Choice movements to pick up loose women has got to be good right? I mean, at least you’ll have more to talk about than your boring friends that watch Grey’s right? If that’s not good enough, they cuss. F-bombs and everything. In prime time. On basic cable. Recognize.

2. “Human Giant”

Even though MTV is the epitomy of evil, every generation has a really great show. Starting with “The Idiot Box” in the early 90’s, then “The State” on to “Jackass” and even “Wondershowzen,” they have managed to bring a great show to television. What was once a sketch troupe in NYC, the cast has worked hard to make Human Giant worth watching. They’re pulling cameos from everybody from Jonah Hill (Superbad) to Mary Lynn Rajskub (24). The cameo’s ultimately become the verde sauce to a show that’s already great carne asada. Oh, and how can you go wrong when you throw down with The Shittiest Mixtape Boombox Blast Challenge?

3. “Sports Action Team”

I accidentally watched this show after avoiding it for weeks thinking it was a real, local news, sports week wrap-up show. Luckily my somewhat inebriated reflexes let it play one late Sunday night. Holy crap, it was surprisingly funny. Now, I have to admit a bias for local news. I worked at a news station for a few years and can appreciate any type of parody whose main target is the media. But this is on some Reno 911 level, only the production value is a little better. If you want to have any idea what it’s like to work in a tv news environment, watch this show. Also, iTunes is giving away a couple free episodes of it so, why not?

4. “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job”

This is such a great show if you can forget everything you know about tv and just go with it. Like a stream of consciousness from a psychedelic Max Hedroom, T&EASGJ is a quick, 15 minute “wickedly entertaining thrill ride” into comedy from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim department. Again, cameos abound including Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) and even Robin Williams (dude, you know Robin Williams, don’t act a fool). BTW, this show is great when enjoying it with some Shrimp & White Wine.

Well that should keep you busy for now, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with some more reviews including BBC’s insanely crazy, or as I call them, “Incrazenly” awesome shows “Look Around You,” and “Nathan Barley,” as well as Michael Cera’s newest show not on tv since “Arrested Development,” and I may even suggest some news and entertainment stuff. Who knows, I may get “Insanzy” before then. Until next time…