Field Notes, NYC Design Week 2009

by New Idiom

Selections from live sketch reportage during ICFF 2009/NYC Design Week for Core77. Raw notes were captured on notecards while at the events, and then sketched digitally on the flight back to Chicago

Want a break from staring at service design diagrams and business frameworks? Then we invite you to take a look at the work of Craighton Berman. Our thanks to Jessica Barnes for calling this to our attention.

From Craighton’s site:

Craighton is interested in using design as a tool for crafting experiences and bringing ideas to life. He has worked on projects that range from physical to digital design, illustration to art direction, and creative strategy to strategic visioning. This diverse body of work that spans across disciplines and industries is all linked by the desire to give shape to new ideas with an insightful eye, a strong point-of-view, and—most likely—a pen.

Link to Craighton’s website.