Foundation students resort to “connect the dots”

by New Idiom

In a desperate attempt to feign some kind of drawing ability, Foundation students have been encouraged to purchase ‘connect the dots’ books.

“Drawing ability is an essential tool for any aspiring designer,” says Chris Conley, Associate Professor at IIT Institute of Design, “I think this is the best way for our foundation students to learn how to do that.”


In previous years, foundations students were instructed to pick up a box of Mr. Sketch scented markers. This is no longer the practice at ID after a student overdosed on Wild Cherry following a frustrated evening of trying to draw a circle.

“I’m really optimistic about the changes we’re making to the teaching of drawing here at ID,” says Conley, “Who am I kidding though, hopefully this will get students more product sketching work so I can sell some more Tul Pens.”

“Honestly, I get the feeling that I’m getting really good at sketching products now,” says an optimistic foundation student.” “I can’t wait for next semester when we get to paint by numbers.”