Foundie Love

by New Idiom


With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Foundation class is spreading the love. A very close-knit group, we like to hang out and reminisce about classes, professors and design in general. We just enjoyed our second potluck lunch of the school year last week. We all gathered around the large wooden shop tables on the third floor and share good food and jokes. It is a very nice way to spend a Tuesday lunch hour.This week is full of foundie festivities in celebration of Valentine’s Day. A holiday typically shared with significant others, Valentine’s Day usually includes bouquets of red roses and heart-shaped chocolates. Why not share it with loved ones at school, your fellow classmates? From decorating Valentine boxes to a talent show, Foundation students are spending the week celebrating love for one another! We encourage all first and second year students to stop by and join in the fun! Please feel free to drop Valentines in our boxes. Here’s the schedule: