From the Editors: Signing off

by New Idiom

This is no swan song. We only have a few things to say. Most of them can be summed up like this:

Thanks. This has been fun.

Two years ago when the New Idiom was just beginning to get its legs back, it survived mostly thanks to our Alex and Enric Gili-Fort’s self-interested desire to write and write. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Jordan jumped on as quick as possible (after a successful AWF 2006 with Irene Chong) and since then, the New Idiom has continued to grow in participation, voice, audience and permanence.  It is still changing and will hopefully continue to do so.

We are happy to announce the new editors that will take over in the Spring semester, Kate Pemberton and Amy Palit. They have been with us for a while now, contributing articles and ideas, and helping to shape content. We are very excited to leave our baby in their able hands. But not entirely.  That same thing that led us to do this in the first place, selfish curiosity, makes it wonderfully difficult to put down something that has made apparent so much.  The act of crafting and writing articles (even this very editorial) has seeped into our relationship, and strengthened it in ways unforeseen.  You will more than likely find some of our writing in issues to come.

As nearly all of the Institute of Design’s Student Activity Board positions change hands this fall, who knows what the growing pains the school is currently (always?) experiencing will yield. All we know is that the growing student body, and the desk here at the New Idiom, are in good hands.

Thanks. This has been fun.

Signing off,
Alex Cheek and Jordan Fischer