From the Editors: Signing On

by New Idiom

To all the students that are reading this (or should be):

We want to thank Jordan, Alex, and Enric for their commitment to the New Idiom over the past two years. We have big shoes to fill and look forward to meeting that challenge this year.

One of our goals is to encourage more students to contribute articles to the newsletter. We understand that writing an article that is read by many people can be intimidating, but we are willing to sit down with students on an individual basis to help shape their ideas.

There are so many diverse, exciting stories that students have at the Institute of Design. The New Idiom is an outlet for people to express their views on design and the school.

Our second goal is to further the understanding of the school and design for students, alumni, and the design community at large. We would like to know your opinion about the New Idiom. Please help us improve the New Idiom by filling out this survey.

As the year unfolds we forsee changes and growth for the New Idiom. We hope that this year will bring increased readership, more writers and an expansion of article topics.

In our first issue as editors we wanted to include an array of articles including past student experiences and future goals of current students and alumni. We hope you enjoy them and look forward to reading your comments.


Amy Palit and Kate Pemberton