HCI Conference in Atlanta

by New Idiom

CHI 2010, the 28th ACM conference, will be in Atlanta in April; the lottery for student volunteers is currently open - if selected, you get free registration and some other cool stuff. If you think you might want to work in an HCI-related field, this would be an excellent way to meet people. Details below.

Who do we need?
Students who are willing to be shiny helpful and happy people for at least 20 hours during the week of CHI.  During that time you must attend SV orientation and generally show up when you are supposed to and check out as assigned.  Good attitudes, helpfulness, and friendly faces are all required. 

What do you get?
In return for all this your conference registration fees are waived and you enjoy a number of benefits available in the SV office during the conference, and an SV party on Thursday night that usually includes food, drinks, and dancing.  Last year we had “Lunch with CHI rockstars” and we all enjoyed spending time with well-known people in the CHI community, we will repeat this again.

How does it work?
We typically have several hundred people who want to help and we need about ~120, so everyone interested will be able to put their name in the proverbial hat and we’ll put everyone onto a randomly ordered list. 
The first 120 people will be ‘accepted’ as an SV, the rest will be on the waitlist.  Inevitably as people’s papers do or so not get accepted or as departmental and grant funds get used people find out they cannot attend and so people drop out and others are accepted.

Where do I sign up?
Sign up and check your status at http://chisv.org/chi10/. There will also be a link to this from the CHI2010 website.