by New Idiom

Hello ID Community,

We are on a sustainability binge! Paper recycling, a sustainability workshop and now…

RECYCLE-CAN: a competition to see who recycles the most cans and bottles.

How it Works:

Although we don’t have a bottle recycling system in place at ID, we want to encourage sustainability and let people know the impact of their actions

With every can and bottle you recycle, you are removing waste from landfills and decreasing the impact you make on the Earth’s resources…that’s significant!

So, instead of throwing out your drink bottle and soda cans, make good use of them!

Take them the Recycle-Can Game Board:

Step 1.  Crush your aluminum can with The Can Crusher (it’s fun and a stress-reliever)
Step 2.  Place the crushed can into one of the slots at the top of the board and watch it fall into the box (plinko-style)
Step 3.  Enter your name and add your points you earned on the score board  (super easy!) Note - this is an honor system!:)

Repeat!   At the end of April, we will tally up the points and award amazing prizes (it’s worth doing, trust us)!

If you don’t drink soda or use water bottles, good for you!  You can still participate by recycling other people’s cans and earn 10 points for recycling plastic bottles or other drink containers in the box.

We will keep track during the weeks on The New Idiom and see who is in the lead.

The Game Board will be on the 3rd Floor Hallway for 2 weeks and switch the last two weeks on the 5th floor.

Please let us know if you can help us take the cans to the recycling (it’s just Annie and Sally).

Good Luck!