ID work makes it into public

by New Idiom

Feedback and critiques are among the top five characteristics of a design culture, but it’s hard to show anybody outside the immediate group - or at best, the class - what you’re working on before it’s done. Then, at the end of every semester, there is such a rushed panic to finish everything up and get to the beach, who has time to browse through all their friends’ and classmates’ work?

While we’re waiting for somebody to get bored one late Tuesday and install a touch-screen LCD interface to the class archives, here are a couple of projects that have managed to find their way out from behind the iron curtain of design thinking:

Amanda, Apeksha, Helen, Shivani, Kris, and Jim’s Ceasefire Project from last semester

Ann, Jenny, Miguel, Van, Nikki, and Jerad’s Irrational Designers Demo Project