Interesting real world design challenges (that pay real $$$ too)

by New Idiom

I subscribed to on a whim a year or so ago. It is an interesting way to see what businesses / industries are trying to do (although mostly it is too technical & related to Pharma / Chemical industries).

This time though, they have two very interesting design challenges….Start your engines…

Environmentally Friendly Bottle Caps

Challenge Reward:  $5,000 USD

Challenge Type:  Ideation


This Challenge is looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to standard screw-off bottle caps. This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution. Granting of the award is at Seeker’s sole discretion. Read More

Methods to Analyze Consumer Emotions

Challenge Reward:  $10,000 USD

Challenge Type:  Theoretical-licensing


The Seeker is looking for methods to analyze consumer emotions.

This Challenge requires only a written description of the solution.
Read More