Jakob Nielsen Lecturette

by New Idiom


Ever think someone could love business applications?

It may sound crazy to say that you can love your business applications. But, you know that special something about certain products that somehow gets you to fall in love with them? It is this very phenomenon that we on the Microsoft Dynamics User Experience Team are seeking to understand. It is our mission to develop products that go beyond simply being useful and usable but are actually desirable. We highly value research as exemplified by our Customer Model approach which led us to develop Role Tailored design. Now, by learning what is desirable to the people who use our products, we can deliver business applications that are a delight to use and feel as if they were made for you leading to higher job satisfaction and therefore even more enhanced productivity.

Join Jakob Nielsen, Principal User Experience Manager for Microsoft Dynamics, and Safiya Bhojawala, User Experience Researcher in the Microsoft Dynamics User Experience team and 2006 ID Master of Design graduate to hear more about how we think about designing business applications that people love.

When: Thursday, November 8th, 12:30 pm
Where: 6th floor, Nathan room