John Grimes says “Yes”

by New Idiom

After nearly 40 years in teaching, John Grimes, a professor at the IIT Institute of Design, said “Yes” for the first time.


“I honestly thought he was joking,” said a student in Grimes’ Digital Media course, “I mean, he’s never agreed with anyone, let alone a graduate student”.

The startling response came after the student adeptly explained the nature of programming languages.

“I remember asking him if he agreed, and if he thought my explanation was logical,” said the student, “I expected him to chew me out, but much to my surprise, he blushed, and a enormous grin spread across his face.”

It is estimated that John Grimes has said the word “No” over 3 million times over the course of his teaching career.

“It’s not like I’m this horribly dogmatic person,” says Grimes, “It’s just that most of the time I’m the only person who has any idea of what they’re talking about. You see, I invented both sense and sensibility - you can tell that Jane Austen bird I said so.”