M.E.T.H.O.D. Man (and Woman)

by New Idiom

So a couple years ago, a classmate made an eloquent and more-than-valid argument that ID Methods are not what we should concentrate on. And while I agree, there has been talk lately about how methods also shouldn’t be left out. They show a process, a logic, and a structure to your problem solving, as opposed to blindly throwing frameworks at a situation until a pattern emerges from the noise. People do care how you came to your conclusion, they just don’t want it to be the focus.

Now, we find more proof (thanks boingboing) that methods are important. How important is a different conversation. But if for nothing else, attention to not just methods, but how and why you followed them, are at least giving some readers a few laughs-especially if you happen to be strategically gassing flies to death.