New IDer: Ben Davis

by New Idiom

New IDer Ben Davis

Meet Ben Davis, the youngest student at ID and quite possibly the most upbeat, even when he’s covered in foam core at 3 a.m.

Please quickly introduce yourself in a quick sentence. Where are you from? Major, age, etc.

Hi, my name is Ben Davis. I moved here from California, where I lived in the Southern (Riverside), Central (Bay Area, Danville), and Northern (Arcata/Eureka) regions, so I have experienced what it’s like to live in all parts of the state.I most recently went to school at Humboldt State University and graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Technology. For those who don’t know what that is, think material science + manufacturing methodology/ shop and throw in drafting/modeling.I’m currently working on my M.Des. and contemplating the MBA. I am 23.

Married? Children? Nah.

Politics? Democratic tendencies but loath wishy-washy politicians, give us direction damn it!

Religion? Baptized Catholic but don’t actively practice.

How did you end up at ID? What were your motivations for coming? Where were you before?

I decided on going to grad school sophomore year of undergrad.I ended up finding out about [ID] by tracing through its roots to where it is now; for the longest time I wished I were born a couple generations earlier so I could attend the Bauhaus at Dessau.  Plus they dressed swankier back then too… but I feel that the program has evolved nicely; like layers on a .dwg we hold onto some of the fundamentals of the old while remaining innovative within the profession.More...What are your first impressions about ID?

I love it! The work would be overbearing if I wasn’t so into it, but I feel like a kid with a big box of Lego’s.

What do you think you could bring to the people here at ID? (culturally, socially, etc.)

I hope that my background in the areas of manufacturing and material science can help to provide insightful commentary.  I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the program and I’d like to share that enthusiasm with others.

Which designers/thinkers have impressed you the most lately or you are following now?

Hmm. I’m kinda into designers innovating with plastic; Enzo Mari and Jo Columbo specifically.

Tell us quickly about a project that you’re working on now that you’re really excited about.

I’m working on a lamp made from foam core cut on the band saw; I’m playing with the repetition of line and properties of opacity/ translucence.  Oh and I’m excited to do a bit of soldering…

What are the websites you could not live without?

Well I could make due… but I enjoy, and aside from email and search engines.

What kinds of activities are you planning to do in your free time (in case you have any) while at ID?

Design competitions (?), running, reading, cooking delicious food and making it to as many museums as possible.  Oh, and I’d love to be involved with the organization of the DRC.