Preparing for recruitID 2008

by New Idiom

recruitID Compelling Experience

Looking for a job is one of the most exhausting things we have to do every Spring, especially squeezed between Insight Matrices and Cultural Probes.

Our rockstar RecruitID team (Amy Batchu, David Ofori-Amoah and Amy Seng) has been working their butts off to pull together a smooth and compelling event this season. In just over two weeks (on Feb 27-29), RecruitID will be here. Between now and then, we need to polish up our portfolios and get our stories straight. That’s a lot to do, but there’s still plenty of time to get ready.

Regarding portfolios, I’ve heard that a number of people are waiting until they’ve got a perfect web portfolio to put it up. But until your “real” web portfolio is ready, especially since the Resume Book has already gone out, I suggest you start with a simple site like Laate Olukotun’s, with just a .pdf portfolio (you already have plenty of raw material to make this).

Making that portfolio will also help you figure out your stories. Being able to describe the topic and process for each project in two minutes will pay off when your pitch sparks an interviewer’s interest. Then you can tell them what kind of work you’re looking for (you’ve figured that out too, right?).

The RecruitID Prep Team (Stephanie Krieger, Amy Palit and Tal Shay) has set up a few events to help us get ready, a Peer Portfolio Critique and a Mock Interview Workshop. And don’t forget to attend the lecturette hosted by Jeremy Alexis and Chris Conley about the “recruitID process” this Wednesday afternoon.

In the meantime, keep checking recruitID on the ID wiki for attending companies and some student portfolio examples. Start thinking now about what you want to do and where you want to work. And good luck to everyone!