recruitID is here

by New Idiom


Monday, 29 October and Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Now in its 6th year, recruitID is once again poised and ready to provide a fruitful two-day networking and recruitment event. This event provides a unique forum for ID students to interact with design and business professionals and showcase their talents. Planning and coordination of recruitID is done each year by students and is head up this year by co-chairs Alexis Baum and Lise Lynam. The history of this event can be found in our archives.

Representatives from over 25 companies (and counting) will be are in attendance, and several will be presenting and available at open table sessions over the lunch hours. Space is also available for students to present ID methods and their application to solve design problems.

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Remember, guys…
With any interview situation there can be anxiety and worry about what to expect and how to present oneself. But I found from talking to other students who have already been through the experience that the most important thing is to be able to tell people your story. Think about who you are, why you are at ID, and where you are hoping to go. Being able to confidently speak of your motivations and goals provides the interviewer with a good picture of you as an individual.

And keep in mind that even if you aren’t in a formal interview situation, there are still lots of opportunities to meet and learn about the attendees and companies at the event. Make sure to stop by the company presentation tables and mingle at the cocktail party Monday night. If you see someone wandering around the building, help show them the way. You never know when a chance encounter might lead to that next interview!

Do these things.
Do your homework. Research the companies that you are interested in and talk to other students who have worked there.

Think ahead about what you can present. It doesn’t have to be finished work, but should be work that you can tell a story about. If you can explain the purpose and your thought process behind what you have done so far, it’s worth showing.

Have a plan. If you are showing a portfolio (web, printed out, or files on your computer), make sure that it is quickly accessible.

Don’t underestimate yourself. If you are worried about not having a portfolio or a previous design background, don’t worry. Talk about the unique skills and viewpoint you can bring to the table.

Dress the part. Make sure to dress to the level of the position that you want to be in.

Arrive early. Leave plenty of time to sign-in and find the location of your interview.

Take your time into account. If your interview is in the afternoon on Tuesday, you may not need to spend a lot of time talking about how great ID’s methods are – the interviewer has heard it 40 times already. Explain your take on the project/method briefly and then dive into what you specifically did.

Have a conversation. Make sure to ask questions about the company and the work that they are doing too. You should also be trying to figure out if the company is a right fit with your values and future goals.

Share the love. If you realize in the middle of the interview that the position isn’t one you are interested in and you know another student that would be a perfect match, tell the interviewer.

Relax. Don’t let your nervousness hide your enthusiasm about the projects.