Remember this face.

by New Idiom

I say this all the time, but I heard a great story on NPR the other day. The host talked about the Quaker way of holding meetings. Rather than launching into heated discussion from the beginning, someone proposes the topic of discussion. Others in the hall take 5 minutes of silence to consider and form an opinion.  Then, discussion begins.

This practice of listening, reflecting and responding thoughtfully is one I think would serve us all well. Especially as I have interviews with recruiters here at recruitID, I try to remember to slow down. So while I may not have the luxury, or steely glare, to uphold five minutes of silence in an interview, I am taking the lesson to heart. So, if you find yourself rushing or feeling stressed, remember the serene face of the Quaker Oats man, and slow it down.

Your friendly editor,
Alex Cheek