San Francisco Bay Area ID Alumni Chapter: Staying connected to ID

by New Idiom


ID alumni Enric Gili Fort (MDes ’07), Colleen Murray (MDes ’03), and Mario Ruiz (MDM ’06) are starting an alumni chapter for the San Francisco Bay area and its 40 alumni.

Our goals are to build a sustainable Alumni network that creates social interactions, enables knowledge sharing and access to ID affiliates. We see this shaping in 4 ways.

1. In 2008, we’ll schedule bi-monthly “ID Socials” in San Francisco where the alumni (and friends) can talk shop and stay in touch. Along with LinkedIn and Ning, we are hoping to set up an email distribution list to easily post quick messages.

2. We thought it would be interesting to build a prototype and see how it works. We believe the alumni network needs to maintain a close relationship with the school and leverage resources available for alumni.

3. We will design options allowing alumni to engage either formally and/or informally given their level of commitment.

4. We would love to involve visiting ID professors who reside in the Bay Area. It would be interesting to see other hubs grow in other cities with ID alumni (think Chicago itself, Korea, New York, Europe, etc..)

We are also hoping to establish a connection with students at ID that are planning internships in the Bay Area - and graduates who will be moving here, too! Tentatively, we are thinking a more structured summer event involving the alumni, student interns, and prospective students could be fun! If there are any questions regarding the SF Bay Area alumni chapter, feel free to contact Mario Ruiz through seeid.

-Enric Gili Fort