Saying goodbye

by New Idiom

With the school year coming to a close, students are relieved to be finished with classes, and anticipating the summer. For most students, it is a nice feeling to no longer have to go to 350 North LaSalle on a daily basis. In spite of the unkind economy, many ID students are off to internships and jobs this summer, some having already started.

While some students have already said goodbye to Chicago and friends, others will say those goodbyes at the Strategy Conference this Thursday and Friday.

This is our time to say goodbye to you as we sit at the Mercury Café on Chicago Avenue. Thank you to all the students, faculty, staff and alumni that have taken the time to read the New Idiom this year. We greatly appreciate the students who have contributed to the newsletter. In addition to the writers, we appreciate the comments from people on articles. Those comments help us continually learn and improve the New Idiom. We hope to expand our small, but loyal group of writers next semester.

Have a great summer!

Amy & Kate