Seventh Inning Stretch

by New Idiom


Let me start with a shout out to the students who have taken time in their schedules to read the New Idiom this week. B session has just begun, meaning a few new classes for most of us on top of our regular workload of semester-long workshops. (Foundation students get more in deep into all their semester classes.) Although this means we’re halfway done, we can only wish that the work is halfway complete. In some ways it is, but the nature of classes here is not really linear in idea development and workload, but rather more exponential (see image). Here’s my rendition of time versus motivation (and fear), based on observations of fellow classmates:


Kate and I wish you good luck for the rest of the year and invite you to get away from school with us. Not to have fun, of course, but to join us to do work during our next coffee shop excursion the weekend after next. This week of our idiom coffee tour took us to Lovely Bake Shop, a spacious café in Wicker Park that lives up to its name, recommended by banner designer Laura Franek. We were joined by Laura and fellow classmates Lise Lynam and Margo Horowitz. We would love more company. It’s energizing to get out of school to do work in a new environment, especially on the weekend, so if you would like to join us next time, drop us a line.

Good luck, Amy Palit