The end is near…

by New Idiom

At this point in the semester, many ID students are angst ridden with their workloads. I know that us foundies are at our wits-end. Between the construction of an elaborate brand book and the attempt at an engaging interaction animation, we are either on the verge of tears or self-pitying anger.


In our extreme distress and exhaustion, we constructed a Mood Matrix (which we found out was not a matrix, but a two-by-two – oh what we have to learn!). Everyone has a post-it with his or her name on it and everyday we change where we are on the two-by-two. At the beginning of the week, we tend to be frustrated and checked out, after Wednesday we usually become a bit more engaged and satisfied. For a good laugh you should come to the third floor foundation area and check out this fantastic display of analysis.

On another note, there is the lingering fear and anticipation of acquiring internships and jobs. I know I shouldn’t even bring up the subject, but its what’s on most student’s minds. Congratulations to those who have acquired a job. Okay… enough of this topic.

While foundation students are moving their names around on a white board avoiding the inevitable work that awaits them at their desks, first and second year students are also scrambling to finish projects for workshops and classes.

First years are excited by the thought of having one more year of school remaining, with a few more methods and techniques to learn. Thrilled by the prospect of being done with school, second years are looking forward to adding an additional degree to their resume and finally paying back loans. Yet, they realize what they are leaving behind: late nights finishing projects (which I guess continues in the “real” world), extreme amounts of caffeine at all hours of the day, friends and their ID family who actually know what they study, and spring, winter and summer breaks.

While this is a stressful time, keep in mind that the end is near!

Loyally yours,

By the way Amy and I brought you this issue of the New Idiom from Savor the Flavor cafe in Lincoln Park.

It is a very nice, comfy coffee shop with colorful mugs and ice cream.