The NEW New Idiom

by New Idiom

Welcome to the new New Idiom. You may notice that we made a few changes to the site since you were last here, and we hope you enjoy them. To your right, you’ll see a new category of posts. These are some highlights from the rest of the internet that we at the New Idiom think you might find interesting. We’ve also changed the format of the site to a true blog and hope to be updating several times a week, so be sure to add us to your RSS feeds. We have a number of other changes in progress. These include trying to add more visual content to the site, including a new section of the site dedicated to showcasing student work. Our new editorial board will be soliciting submissions soon, and we hope you all choose to participate. Contributors Daniel Erwin and Nikki Pfarr from InsideID are helping with a special series of articles that try to answer the question that many of us are asked on a regular basis: “What is ID?”  These articles will begin appearing in the next month, and will feature a number of guest faculty contributors as well as members of the student body. Our biggest goal for this new era is to make this blog about dialogue and idea exchange, and this includes hearing your thoughts on how the New Idiom can work for you, the type of content you’d like to see, and even ideas for specific articles. Like so many things at the Institute of Design, the New Idiom is a prototype, and we plan on going through several iterations before we settle, if we ever do. Please contact me at with any suggestions. Before signing off, the New Idiom would like to give a big thanks to John Vollmer for all his hard work on the technical side of things, as well as his advice on content; we wouldn’t be able to implement our ideas without him. Also, thanks to Ann Hintzman and Tim Miller, IDSAB chairs, for their support in this transition. Last but certainly not least, the New Idiom owes a special thanks to former editors Kate Pemberton and Amy Palit for all they have done for the Idiom, and all their support in this new adventure. Enjoy! Cynthia