Third Floor Collective

by New Idiom


This spring the foundation class got together to brainstorm alternative ways (instead of or in addition to internships) to utilize the design skills we have learned during our first year at ID. After a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions, we developed an organization we call Third Floor Collective. While the name stems from the fact that we inhabited the third floor all year, we wanted the name to sound professional as well as intriguing. The process of developing this organization began with imagining ways to help other organizations that may not have access to design. Upon choosing our audience, non-profit organizations, we came up with a list of skills/services that we could offer the organizations. These skills/services not only come from our time at ID, but also our backgrounds in everything from education and business to psychology and fine art.

Besides creating an environment in which to practice our design skills, we wanted to apply what we have learned at ID so far to “real world” problems, attempting to solve them through design. While the whole idea may sound somewhat idealistic, its our way of reaching out to the community and practicing design for a few months.

Throughout the process of developing Third Floor Collective, I have been incredibly impressed with my classmates. Besides the obvious team effort such an organization requires, a few students in my class really stepped up and shine as leaders. It has been, and will continue to be a rewarding experience watching our organization develop and seeing our plans come to fruition.