Upcoming Event: What’s On Your Shelf?

by New Idiom

User Experience Book Show and Tell with Lou Rosenfeld

Which UX books are essential to your work? Which ones leave you a bit disappointed?  Which books would you like to see published?  Who should write them?  And which books are on your colleagues’ (and competitors’) bookshelves?

To get some answers, Lou Rosenfeld, co-author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and founder of UX book publisher Rosenfeld Media will facilitate an informal show-and-tell discussion.  Bring along your most and least favorite UX books, and be prepared to discuss what makes them tick.

After an informal discussion, Lou will demonstrate UX Zeitgeist, an interesting new social networking service designed to identify what the UX community is now reading, and what it would like to read in the future.

Where: 6th floor Nathan room
When: 12.30 pm, Thursday, September 20