VEGAN ICE CREAM wins Best Dessert at the International Festival

by New Idiom

vegan ice cream

If you were at the International Festival on Saturday, you could have enjoyed one of these: a scoop of eggnog ice cream on a rum-sugar cookie topped with nutmeg and slivered almonds. Or a scoop of gingerbread ice cream on a gingerbread cookie with candied ginger. Or maybe a scoop of candy-cane ice cream with its distinctive pink peppermint swirl was more your thing.

It’s all vegan. Made of fresh homemade almond milk, coconut milk, and silken tofu so it’s actually not that bad for you. But who really cares? It’s all about what tastes good. In a school with no more than two vegans (just Pinxia and me), vegan ice cream beat out Kentucky apple-pecan pie, Dania’s perfect honey cake, and Stephanie’s masterpiece black forest cake.

Ah yeah!

candy cane ice cream