Welcome, 2008 IDSAB Team

by New Idiom


Another year comes to a close, and the Institute of Design Student Activity Board (IDSAB) must be passed on.

We would like to thank everyone who has devoted so much. From the revamped Design Research Conference to the largest International Dinner ever; from the new flexible format of The New Idiom to the ever-growing RecruitID; from this year’s rich and diverse Lecturette series to the recently established Charette series for constructive dialogue between students and ID faculty and administration. Thank you.

And so a new set of leaders has volunteered to take IDSAB for 2008. Please join us in congratulating next year’s chairs: Bhumi Gajjar, Ruth Nechas, Yuhsin Chiu, Angela Robertson, Andy Conrad, Hanna Korel, Lin Lin, Amy Palit, Kate Pemberton, Judd Morgenstern, Lise Lynam, David Ofori-Amoah, Amy Seng, Amy Batchu, Daniel Erwin, Amanda Wirth, Matthew Gardner and Amber Lindholm. We are looking forward to another fantastic year of student initiative.

Again, thanks.

Your (former) IDSAB Chairs

Eric Niu & Irene Chong